She Said “Faux Laces”

As the weather turns from slightly chilly to constant rainy arctic hell, shoe choices seem to get slimmer.

Walking the streets in your prettiest suede heels during a cold down pour is not an option, but neither are those random black waterproof flats stuffed in the back of your wardrobe. So, darlings, stuff your heels in your oversized bag and bring out these Fendi rainboots for your trudge to work. The boot comes in two colors: verde khaki and nero. The faux laces lining the front combined with the Fendi logo adornment make these boots a bit classier that the norm. There is even a little bit of support from the 1.25-inch heel. Perfect for keeping your feet and stockings dry and your precious heels intact.

She Said “Snow”

I get it, Facebook updates. The US is currently in a Snowpocalypse. Guess I should help my more Western shoe addicts, eh?

With the omnipresence of Uggs, chic winter footwear can be quite a challenge. Thankfully, Belstaff have designed these light-gray leather boots with a 1-inch stacked wooden heel, distressed finish, burnished-silver hardware, two adjustable buckled straps and simply pull on. You’re welcome.