She Said “Sylvieta”

Dip your toe in the sugar-coated sand with these ‘Sylvieta’ pastel leather and snake chain sandals from the one and only Christian Louboutin.

We’re talking powder blue, pastel pink and creamy blush leather dusted in gold. No complaints are humanly possible. The almond-shaped open-toe heels are the type of shoes you will come back to year after year, always offering a streamlined retro appeal.

She Said “Ryerson”

I am a sucker for a vintage-looking heel, and this stiletto is no exception.

These soft suede t-strap pumps, Report Signature have called them the “Ryerson, are a gorgeous stiletto and platform combo played up with a crackled metallic ankle strap. The 5-inch heels may be intimidating, but the hidden 1.5 inch platform keep them walkable.

She Said “Car Show”

Well, Milan Fashion Week brought out the best in Prada. Miuccia Prada did not disappoint with the clothing and most definitely did not disappoint with the accessories. Mainly the shoes, of course.

The shoes reminded me of the old fashioned cars I used to admire at the shows my grandpa would take me to every Friday night (give me Elvis’ pink Cadillac over a brand new Mustang any day). The Prada shoes may be a little too much for everyday wear, but perhaps at a party or event…they could be the perfect statement piece. Whether it’s the fiery racing stripes or the taillights that get your engine going, the colors alone, reminiscent of milkshakes and poodle skirts, will spark yours and others interests. Whatever your style, any person can appreciate the beauty of these shoes. They are truly innovative, in the classiest way possible. Va-Va-Vroom.