She Said “Best of Milan”

Milan Fashion Week brought the world enticing new pieces for Spring/Summer 2012.

The runways were rife with beautiful and enthralling shoes. For today’s edition of She Said Shoes, I have picked my favorite five to share with you!

Starting with number five, it is Antonio Marras’ yellow scale heel. It appears simple and straight to the point, but the scales and strap, along with a peek of bone, urge a second look.

At number four, it is Fendi’s leather top, chunky heel. The punctured leather with the black and white stripes of the platform and heel come together to make the perfect day shoe.

Etro brings us dear number three. With a geometrically shaped heel and a triangular gold buckle, this shoe is full of surprises!

Prada is number two for me with their 50’s car inspired shoes, especially this light pink and green wedge. The flower on the top mixes perfectly with the taillight trinkets on the back, creating a look that transpires through time.

And number one is (drum roll) Aquilano.Rimondi’s python and suede heel! This gorgeous shoe has five straps, two in the python material and three silver straps that swirl into the shoe almost snakelike. The suede part of the shoe has an almost-sweetheart neckline, making the heel super femme but slightly dangerous.

Enjoy creating your wishlist, darlings.

She Said “Car Show”

Well, Milan Fashion Week brought out the best in Prada. Miuccia Prada did not disappoint with the clothing and most definitely did not disappoint with the accessories. Mainly the shoes, of course.

The shoes reminded me of the old fashioned cars I used to admire at the shows my grandpa would take me to every Friday night (give me Elvis’ pink Cadillac over a brand new Mustang any day). The Prada shoes may be a little too much for everyday wear, but perhaps at a party or event…they could be the perfect statement piece. Whether it’s the fiery racing stripes or the taillights that get your engine going, the colors alone, reminiscent of milkshakes and poodle skirts, will spark yours and others interests. Whatever your style, any person can appreciate the beauty of these shoes. They are truly innovative, in the classiest way possible. Va-Va-Vroom.

She Said “Custom Prada”

Prada’s classic boating shoe can now be made to order!

Not kidding. Custom Prada shoes for you, and you, and you! Customers wishing to take advantage of this service can mix and match 16 colour variations and four different materials: patent leather, fluo patent leather, suede and Nevada leather. Your initials can even be customized on the dust bag. (A birdie tells us the customization won’t end here for Prada, either!)