She Said “Stoker Sale”

Joanne Stoker is just my kind of shoe designer. She does whimsy with a hard edge, ultimately creating unusual but wearable dream shoes.

When I saw her orange Lotus sandals were on sale, I knew I had to share. The raffia pumps have a square cut cork platform and heels plexiglass inserts featuring precious stone inlays. Totes amaze.

She Said ‘Plexi Perfection’

While ‘nude’-coloured heels are praised all around Fashiontopia for their leg-lengthening benefits, nothing can get them as universally ‘nude’ as being completely see-through.

These Valentino Naked Rockstud wedges are the best way to do so, in my opinion. These four-inch heels are constructed from a comfortable plexiglass wedge heel adored with Swarovski crystals. While the sole and insole are leather, even the slingback strap is made from transparent PVC. Bella.