She Said “Mc Q”

Leather lining. Leather upper. Leather sole. LOTTA pink.

You can’t go wrong with a formula like that, can you? This fuschia-coloured “Mc Q” heel from Kurt Geiger (don’t get the designers confused!) certainly doesn’t. With suede and studs, a 5 inch heel completes this perfectly yin and yang heel.

She Said “Think Pink”

Oxfords are taking over the world, at least my world, mes chèrs.

These Jeremy Scott platform Oxfords are different from the rest. The upper has the conventional Oxford style with the mixture of black and white leather and the small shoelaces. However, with a pink heel and platform, it takes the traditional and serious Oxford to vivacious and lively. When I first scrolled through to this shoe, the pink mesmerized me and my mind immediately popped to Baby Spice’s platforms. While her shoes may have been a tad exaggerated and ridiculous, they were exactly what I wanted. And now there is a more elegant version in these pretty in pink Oxfords!
Jeremy Scott Platform Oxfords

She Said “Sookiee”

Ooh, I do love a good designer shoe swap. Even better if they have pink glitter.

For example, these Madden GirlSookiee” heels (no relation to the ultra annoying True Blood fairy with one less ‘e‘) are a great dupe for some Jimmy Choo classics. At only £30, you might as well indulge in the dramatic platform sling backs.

She Said “Dream Shoes”

With the need for so many of us to become recessionistas, I am having the hardest time saying no to these Miu Miu heels.

I’ve been after them for almost a year. On one hand, I could own these perfect, pink, princess-like platforms for under $1500 dollars (come on, $1495 IS CHEAP!). On the other hand, they scream Barbie and bling. Whatever – where is my credit card?

She Said “Liam Fahey”

When a designer becomes the winner of the first Fashion Fringe (accessories category) and then gets selected by Colin McDowell and Manolo Blahnik as the protégé of Rupert Sanderson, you know you have found a winner.

African-born Liam Fahy is that winner. His latest hand-crafted collection is made of the finest (ahem, priciest) satins, pythons and vernice. Inspired by 13th century armory and jewellery, the cut of the lines and individual fixtures are the perfect physical ode. This new collection – including the femtastic heels below – will be released in May as a limited edition with only 500 pairs available. Mark your calendars.