She Said “Julian Hakes”

I know, I know, it doesn’t look like a shoe, but it is – promise!

A little bit more sculptural that your average Louboutin, this “Mojito Shoe” defies all heel logic. Though it seems like a footwear necessity, these heels do not have a complete sole. Buyers don’t have to beware, however! The designer, Julian Hakes, is an award-winning architect that created the heel and support structure using his background in bridge design. The painful-looking heel is actually lightweight, comfortable, and finally available to the public! Get them while you can.

She Said “Mojito”

Woah, baby! Forget bikini-ready. All you need to do to prepare for the Summer is get shoe-ready.

Preferably with these leather and raffia sandals from Brian Atwood – the “Mojito”. With a small platform, this 4.5-inch stiletto is an aqua-accented dream heel. And look at that, they threw in a buckle for safety! Maybe not the cheapest shoes on the block, but with this kind of originality on your feet…who needs to pay rent?