She Said “Highness”

In honor of Christian Louboutin’s 20 years in the shoe business, Barney’s is – exclusively – offering the “Highness” pump.

Each pump is signed by Christian Louboutin, but beware mes chèrs, there are only 20 pairs! The shoes will be sold at a whopping $3,995 through Barney’s online site only. (Oh, no complaining, the shipping and handling is free!). That is less than most of our credit card limits. Someone slap me – I am daydreaming about these gorgeous navy pumps on my feet. The heel is approximately 6.3-inches and it is a double platform. The beading, gem and sequin detail throughout the pump is majestic. The left shoe is New York City themed while the right shoe (as shown) is Los Angeles themed. The east and west side finally come together to create these beautiful limited edition pumps.

She Said “Liam Fahey”

When a designer becomes the winner of the first Fashion Fringe (accessories category) and then gets selected by Colin McDowell and Manolo Blahnik as the protégé of Rupert Sanderson, you know you have found a winner.

African-born Liam Fahy is that winner. His latest hand-crafted collection is made of the finest (ahem, priciest) satins, pythons and vernice. Inspired by 13th century armory and jewellery, the cut of the lines and individual fixtures are the perfect physical ode. This new collection – including the femtastic heels below – will be released in May as a limited edition with only 500 pairs available. Mark your calendars.