She Said ‘Dragons’

I feel like – with the potential exception of some high fashion Chinese baller – these shoes were made for me.

Emilio Pucci knows better than most: stilettos are out, insane resin heels are in. These 5-inchers feature a stack of dragons and flowers which lead to a large platform. The micro sole and ankle strap are both 100% leather calfskin. I can justify spending all of fashion week in these, right?

She Said “Wingciaga”

The thing about wings is, apart from a back tattoo (speaking from personal experience), they are never taken very ‘seriously’.

That is, unless, they are a feature on some serious shoes. Cue Balenciaga‘s new Winged Woven Sandals. With smooth leather and two-tone snakeskin, these 5-inch Italian peep toes have the wings and cross straps to zip you in to platform paradise.