She Said “Capretto”

When Summer rolls around, many of us are only too willing to ditch our favourite heels for what I like to call “fugly flops“.

So, let’s settle on some middle ground! These Miu Miu “Capretto” sandals are a bold way to accessorise everything from bare legs to maxi dresses. They are carefree couture – if you will – in every hue from neon green to a Glastonbury-friendly shade of mud. One pair of these are a divine investment.
Miu Miu Capretto Sandals

She said “Hampton Chic”

It’s time to eat my words. Though the infamy tied to my name is that of a flat shoe-hater, I am truly obsessed with these penny loafers.

The caramel and coffee Brian Atwood animal-print, calf hair beauties are the ultimate in easy, Hampton chic. I can imagine wearing them with a lightweight, chocolate-coloured tank tucked into crisp, cropped white trousers. Seaside Spring/Summer beauty (and at least there is a 0.5-inch heel!).

She Said “Tutti Frutti”

Here is your barely-once-a-month flats edition of this here shoe blog. I shall try to sound enthusiastic*.

I mean, when it comes to flats, they have to be something pretty interesting or style-ridden to find their way into a review. It surprises me to say it, but these Charlotte Olympia “Tutti Frutti” leather and suede flats are adorable. Peep toe, cut outs, gold web plaque at the sole; while they won’t be receiving my latest £850, they are a must have for the well-off who won’t heel.

* I lied.

She Said “Sixties”

Hold the hyperventilation. I know it’s not a ‘heel‘, but there is still a mini-heel going on! Bargain with me?

I mean, they are chocolate leather ballerina flats with neon-yellow polka-dots. They are Marni at their sixties best. They are rocking a pointed toe, stitched seams and simply slip on. We don’t even need a heel!

She Said “Afterheels”

Ever been out after a full night of elevated height only to feel like you would rather walk on your hands then have to spend another second in heels?

Afterheels are your answer. These shoes are dispensed from vintage cigarette vending machines that are too kitsch for words. These saviour shoes were invented with the help of aerospace scientists (biodegradable!), who made them able to repel glass and other street nasties and then fold up to fit into a carton the size of a cigarette box! A purchase even includes a pouch to carry home your beloved – if evil – heels. Must have.

She Said “Christian Dior”

One of my favourite shows from Spring/Summer 2011 was Christian Dior.

This included the Dior heels. While I am in no way fans of flats, I even found the cut-out ballerina flats remotely cute. Of course, the feathers, raffia design, rope straps, and sateen straps are the features I’m really paying attention to. It’s a mass of colour made for red carpets.
Christian Dior Spring Summer 2011 Shoes
Christian Dior Spring Summer 2011 Shoes
Christian Dior Spring Summer 2011 Shoes
Christian Dior Spring Summer 2011 Shoes

She Said “Shoes”

Welcome to She Said Shoes! Nothing but shoe slavery here, guys – just without the raunchy undertones.

Be sure to check out the “About” page to see what it is this little webspace has been created for, and figure out who exactly will be spewing shoe information from her fingertips from here on out. All social media obsessives (don’t worry, you’re not alone) should be sure to fan the Facebook and/or follow She Said Shoes on Twitter so you don’t miss a second of the mania.

As I feel extraordinarily inspired by a face-planting fashionista on The Thames today, let me quickly share some wisdom:

Spending your salary on sky-high stilettos will not give you the ability to wear them. Only deal with the inches you can comfortably manage. The six-inch non-stumblers either have spent most of their life wearing heels or have short distances to walk. Fact. Don’t waste your money and end up as that girl hobbling down the street or carrying your couture in a bag while you faff around in your SOS flats. Just don’t do it.

Besos, bonitas.