She Said “Pump It Up”

Because I endeavour to rock black tights and heels throughout most of Winter, a new pair of purple tights has sent me on the hunt for matching heels.

And, well, these are the dream. Nicholas Kirkwood‘s raspberry-coloured glitter platform pumps may not be completely purple but the one-inch stack of glitter only further enhances the shoe, to me. The patent leather pumps feature an almond toe, an ankle strap with adjustable buckle, a thin gold 5.5-inch stiletto heel, and a whole lot of sparkle.

She Said “Statement”

There is a point when we, as women, end up veering from a sensible search for boots to adding dreamlike rabbit-lined feather and suede boots to our shopping carts.

These Nicholas Kirkwood boots, exclusive to Net-a-Porter, are certainly of the latter variety. The award winning shoe designer has combined black feathers with suede and a beautifully gilded four-inch heel to add something special to your typical knee-high boots. Typical, they certainly aren’t.

She Said “Sylvieta”

Dip your toe in the sugar-coated sand with these ‘Sylvieta’ pastel leather and snake chain sandals from the one and only Christian Louboutin.

We’re talking powder blue, pastel pink and creamy blush leather dusted in gold. No complaints are humanly possible. The almond-shaped open-toe heels are the type of shoes you will come back to year after year, always offering a streamlined retro appeal.

She Said “J.W. on SALE!”

The likelihood of finding designer shoes for under £100? Quite unlikely.

That is what makes these J.W. Anderson stilettos (for ALDO Rise) so amazing. The leather “Eakins” stiletto-heeled sandals were part of a designer collaboration with ASOS and are now down from £125 to £37! These delicate heels and their feathered panel are a once-in-a-blue-moon sort of steal!

She Said “Isolde”

Christian Louboutin is now and forever will be the king of fierce footwear.

Specifically designed for the label’s 20th anniversary, these spiked patent-leather heels are the ultimate edgy accessory and a much needed staple for every fashionista’s closet. With a pin stiletto heel reaching 6.5-inches and a (much appreciated) 2.5-inch platform, you will rock whatever street comes your way. Gunmetal-tone spikes and pyramid stud embellishments of the straps counteract the Swarovski crystal-embellished platform beautifully. There is a certain mixture of sexy minx and signature classy that creates quite the powerful look. No one will be able to stop you in these heels.

She Said “This Will Destroy You”

The Lost Civilizations Shoe Collection by Anastasia Radevich is unbelievably gorgeous.

The graduate of the London College of Fashion has created this collection as a narrative to the lost civilizations of the past, present and the future. We’re talking flooded lands, doomed civilizations, and destruction (hello, gorgeous “This Will Destroy You” heel)! All of the heels are hand crafted and 3D printed by Anastasia herself. Go support her!

She Said “Faux Laces”

As the weather turns from slightly chilly to constant rainy arctic hell, shoe choices seem to get slimmer.

Walking the streets in your prettiest suede heels during a cold down pour is not an option, but neither are those random black waterproof flats stuffed in the back of your wardrobe. So, darlings, stuff your heels in your oversized bag and bring out these Fendi rainboots for your trudge to work. The boot comes in two colors: verde khaki and nero. The faux laces lining the front combined with the Fendi logo adornment make these boots a bit classier that the norm. There is even a little bit of support from the 1.25-inch heel. Perfect for keeping your feet and stockings dry and your precious heels intact.

She Said “Sookiee”

Ooh, I do love a good designer shoe swap. Even better if they have pink glitter.

For example, these Madden GirlSookiee” heels (no relation to the ultra annoying True Blood fairy with one less ‘e‘) are a great dupe for some Jimmy Choo classics. At only £30, you might as well indulge in the dramatic platform sling backs.

She Said “Daffodil”

Okay, so, I originally decided I could not possibly fathom spending over £100 for each inch of heel but…

I’m obsessed with Christian Louboutin‘s Daffodil 160 suede platform pumps. These heels are 6.5 inches high, which would make them the tallest heels I have ever owned. Thankfully, they come with a very necessary 2.5 inch platform. I think the fact that they come in chartreuse cued my pining.

Could you walk in them?

She Said “Elba”

It’s night-time and I’m searching for heels. This isn’t an uncommon practice. It’s just that this time, I’m feeling Daytime Shiny about it.

Jimmy Choo, I love you. The brand’s latest nude sandal – the “Elba” – boasts a gorgeous plate of multicoloured crystal embellishments, skinny suede strap details and cut-out sides with gradient mesh paneling on the stiletto heel. And it’s 5 inches. Be mine.