She Said “Chameleon”

“Karma karma karma karma karma chameleon…”

Sorry, darlings, enough of Culture Club. Unlike some 80’s music, these Fendi Chameleon Laser Cut Pumps are here to stay. Laser-cut perforations detail a labyrinthine, patterned cutout leather pump. Lifting the gorgeous upper is a lush, lizard-embossed heel and concealed platform. A neutral heel with a pop of color that can go with nearly any other color is the absolute go-to shoe. With a 4.25-inch heel and a .75-inch platform, this pump will take you everywhere. The tiny gold buckle adds just the right touch of hardware. Let the lizard-embossed heel do the talking. Loving (this shoe) would be (is) easy if your colours were like my dream.

She Said “This Is Just A Tribute”

If you pay much attention to the fashion industry, you’ll know that Yves Saint Laurent‘s “Tribute” heel has become pretty iconic.

That’s why I have to give them mad props for doing something different with it! Changing the Tribute to a sapphire (“Bluette“) suede with a chain at the cut-out front is still full glamour, but a little more trendy. Same 5.5 inches of heel, same 1.5 inch platform, same shoe lust.

She Said “Elba”

It’s night-time and I’m searching for heels. This isn’t an uncommon practice. It’s just that this time, I’m feeling Daytime Shiny about it.

Jimmy Choo, I love you. The brand’s latest nude sandal – the “Elba” – boasts a gorgeous plate of multicoloured crystal embellishments, skinny suede strap details and cut-out sides with gradient mesh paneling on the stiletto heel. And it’s 5 inches. Be mine.

She Said “Mildred”

If the shoe designer I’m checking out makes the effort to name their shoes, I generally make the effort to spend a little more time on their lookbook.

Jeffrey Campbell has rocked my boat by naming this paint-splattered pretties…”Mildred Paint“. It’s an avant garde art project with a grandmother edge. I am in lust; block heel with back cut-outs and a leather upper. Wishlist cracked open.

She Said “Tutti Frutti”

Here is your barely-once-a-month flats edition of this here shoe blog. I shall try to sound enthusiastic*.

I mean, when it comes to flats, they have to be something pretty interesting or style-ridden to find their way into a review. It surprises me to say it, but these Charlotte Olympia “Tutti Frutti” leather and suede flats are adorable. Peep toe, cut outs, gold web plaque at the sole; while they won’t be receiving my latest £850, they are a must have for the well-off who won’t heel.

* I lied.