She Said “Julian Hakes”

I know, I know, it doesn’t look like a shoe, but it is – promise!

A little bit more sculptural that your average Louboutin, this “Mojito Shoe” defies all heel logic. Though it seems like a footwear necessity, these heels do not have a complete sole. Buyers don’t have to beware, however! The designer, Julian Hakes, is an award-winning architect that created the heel and support structure using his background in bridge design. The painful-looking heel is actually lightweight, comfortable, and finally available to the public! Get them while you can.

She Said “Woodsy”

You know those designers that light up your little fashion heart upon hearing their name? Nicholas Kirkwood is one of mine.

Hearing that Kirkwood was doing a shoe collaboration with Rodarte – another of my favourites – makes it all the better. This Spring/Summer 2011 “Woodsy” heel is one of the results. I mean, GASP. When seeing this ‘in real life’, it became an instant must-have. A shoe spectacle that has the most comfortable, chunky heel in the world. Wouldn’t you fall in love with someone if you saw them in these?