She Said “Capretto”

When Summer rolls around, many of us are only too willing to ditch our favourite heels for what I like to call “fugly flops“.

So, let’s settle on some middle ground! These Miu Miu “Capretto” sandals are a bold way to accessorise everything from bare legs to maxi dresses. They are carefree couture – if you will – in every hue from neon green to a Glastonbury-friendly shade of mud. One pair of these are a divine investment.
Miu Miu Capretto Sandals

She Said “Katy Perry Shoes”

Today, a little birdie told me that Katy Perry is in talks with Steve Madden regarding launching a shoe line!

While her fashion choices sometimes miss the mark, I am quite sure a shoe line would be a huge success. The “California Girl” makes incredibly fun, colourful and unique styling decisions – a trifecta of qualities that sell, sell, sell in shoe world.