She Said ‘Linford’

Floral heels may feel a little whimsical for January, but there is nothing like being prepared for Spring/Summer, is there?

(#shoppingexcuse, you’re welcome.)

These Brian Atwood heels are the prettiest kind of preparation, featuring a lush floral print and suede laces. The Linford ankle boots (some retailers are listing them as the ‘Lindford’) have a satin upper, adjustable ankle strap, leather lining, and a sharp stilettos heel of four-and-a-half-inches.

She Said “Snakeskin Colourblock”

Be the beholder of every eye in these B Brian Atwood snakeskin colourblock pumps. Immaculate shades of fuchsia, teal and red come together in perfect unison to create one beautiful pump.

The fuchsia snakeskin upper is amazingly cohesive with the rest of the leopard print shoe. A 5.5-inch heel is covered in teal leopard print, while the red leopard print snakeskin island platform gives another 1-inch boost. To tie the look together the pump is trimmed out in natural leopard print which also includes a leopard print sole. If you are looking for a fabulous transition-into-fall piece, look no further than this colourblock masterpiece.

She Said “Malika”

I’m officially back on the colourblocking game, you guys!

With lots of pretty pastels on-trend for Spring/Summer 2012, it proves hard to find a shoe that can be colourblocked without looking out of place. Fortunately, these “Malika” stilettos from B Brian Atwood have the colour and construction to give the feminine look a real POP! With the always-unforgiving 3.5-inch stiletto heel, the designer’s choice to add quilted padding at the footbed is much appreciated.