She Said “Julian Hakes”

I know, I know, it doesn’t look like a shoe, but it is – promise!

A little bit more sculptural that your average Louboutin, this “Mojito Shoe” defies all heel logic. Though it seems like a footwear necessity, these heels do not have a complete sole. Buyers don’t have to beware, however! The designer, Julian Hakes, is an award-winning architect that created the heel and support structure using his background in bridge design. The painful-looking heel is actually lightweight, comfortable, and finally available to the public! Get them while you can.

She Said “Bunny”

I don’t know if you are aware, but holiday sweaters are so last season. Welcome to holiday footwear for the modern woman.

While it’s not an ‘actual’ bunny, I feel Rick Owens‘ conceptual, ear-like approach to footwear (as seen above/below) is the perfect shoe for Easter Bunny madness. They are a draped, gauze wedge, statement-making way to survive the sugar meltdown. Incredibly, these little dark delights come with a 4-inch heel and enough structure carnage to make people believe you have strange growths on your leg when worn out of holiday season. Less than a week to snatch them up, bunnies!

She Said “Rah Rah Rick”

For any cheerleader that has had a “why does my uniform look like this?” moment, I introduce to you the fashion equivalent of your pom poms.

These black leather, organza-trimmed wedges from Rick Owens are an obvious nessecity. They are your Nirvana-playing, sis-boom-bah sorority sister shoe. A five-inch high summer and winter staple. An avant garde affiliate. GET ‘EM.

She Said “Nude Fall!”

Being swamped with Fashion Week/Fashion Month for the past two weeks has affected my beloved blog schedule. Obviously, you guys deserve a sneak peak into Fall/Winter 2011.

United Nude are quickly becoming my go-to for the shoe-vant garde; designer Rem D. Koolhaas seemingly missed out on an incredible career as an architect (not that I’m complaining). Best part? The platform and thickness make the exceptionally non-conservative heel extremely comfortable. Win!
United Nude Shoes

She Said “Raphael Young”

When you want to seperate the avant garde from the average, you just have to take a look at shoe designer Raphael Young.

In one of those “I should have done that!” stories, we found out that Raphael Young got his start at a very early age. Thanks to a talented bottier (French for bootmaker) uncle in Alexandre Narcy, Young got to spend all of his days admiring and learning from a man who opened the shoe studio at Yves Saint Laurent. At fourteen, he created his first shoe and fell in love with the process. As a result of his time with his uncle, Young was able to learn the old world technique to crafting shoes, and has since brought that technique to the modern world. The shoes show it all.

She Said “Skull Shoes”

Sometimes I wonder why designers as talented as Kermit Tesoro don’t get more press.

So I’m changing it. Kermit is a rising fashion design talent from the Philippines with a knack for amazing shoe design. My personal favourite piece from his 2010 collection are a pair of heels with an alabaster finish that integrate a small skull into the top of the heel. Though his designs often lack a variety of colour, they are extremely avant-garde and never boring.