She Said “Julian Hakes”

I know, I know, it doesn’t look like a shoe, but it is – promise!

A little bit more sculptural that your average Louboutin, this “Mojito Shoe” defies all heel logic. Though it seems like a footwear necessity, these heels do not have a complete sole. Buyers don’t have to beware, however! The designer, Julian Hakes, is an award-winning architect that created the heel and support structure using his background in bridge design. The painful-looking heel is actually lightweight, comfortable, and finally available to the public! Get them while you can.

She Said “Kirkwood”

It is getting colder, darlings, I know, but that does not mean you should have to hide your manicured toes in unflattering shoes.

Monsieur Nicholas Kirkwood had the right idea when designing these beauties. An aubergine bootie is fabulous in itself, but a suede aubergine bootie with an architectural wedge heel is divine. The heel measures approximately 4.25-inches and the platform approximately .75-inches. A side zipper allows easy foot access and the adorable peep toe allows those manicured toes to breathe. This bootie is just edgy enough without sending you overboard. This is a wonderful start for anyone that wants to try out the architectural shoe trend.