She Said “Like a Totally Important Designer”

With the blog relaunched and my insane shoe lust rampant as ever, it was only a matter of time before I was gushing over plexiglass heels again.

LOOK AT THESE ALAIA‘S. Azzedine has done it again with a pair of woven and wonderful raffia sandals. Though the 4.5-inch square heel is the obvious highlight, the suede and leather trimmings make this heel a must-have.

She Said “Stud”

Praise be to Alaïa. Upon seeing these, I immediately asked the boyfriend if he would purchase these absolutely breathtaking Alaïa boots for me…

He said no…which made me love them even more. The price on these boots is a mere $2,650, you know? A simple $1 a day compared to lifetime wear. The demand is in the details. A curved heel measures about 5.5-inches, which includes a 0.5-inch hidden platform. Need a little attitude in your ensemble? These gray suede boots are perfect for you. The flattened studs add just the right amount of atti-ma-tude. Even the rebels need to be fashionable, n’est-ce pas?

She Said “Utilitarian”

I’m sick of seeing maxi dresses and flip flops. I’m calling for a shoe-tervention.

And, well, utilitarian boots are pretty anti-flip/anti-flop, aren’t they? Especially when they’re dark-gray and black spotted calf hair 5.5-inch boots by Alaïa. Just some gorgeous pewter hooks and studding with a lace-up front for a few thousand of your dollars.

She Said “World Domination”

So, I was convinced I was going to jump of the nude-heel train until I saw these Alaïa* platforms.

The brand new cutout, peep-toe sandals are fitted with nude and black leather, silver stud and disc embellishment, and 6-inch block heel upon a perforated platform. I will rig these to shoot lasers, k? I AM THE DANCEFLOOR WONDERWOMAN.

* “An a-what-a?”
“It’s like a totally important designer.”
“And I will totally shoot you in the head.”