She Said “Shoes”

Welcome to She Said Shoes! Nothing but shoe slavery here, guys – just without the raunchy undertones.

Be sure to check out the “About” page to see what it is this little webspace has been created for, and figure out who exactly will be spewing shoe information from her fingertips from here on out. All social media obsessives (don’t worry, you’re not alone) should be sure to fan the Facebook and/or follow She Said Shoes on Twitter so you don’t miss a second of the mania.

As I feel extraordinarily inspired by a face-planting fashionista on The Thames today, let me quickly share some wisdom:

Spending your salary on sky-high stilettos will not give you the ability to wear them. Only deal with the inches you can comfortably manage. The six-inch non-stumblers either have spent most of their life wearing heels or have short distances to walk. Fact. Don’t waste your money and end up as that girl hobbling down the street or carrying your couture in a bag while you faff around in your SOS flats. Just don’t do it.

Besos, bonitas.

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